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Developmental milestones (0-9 months)

Two weeks

  • Stays awake for a few minutes or more several times each day.
  • Grasps with hands when something is placed in her hand.
  • Grasps with toes when something brushes against the sole of her foot.
  • Startles easily with both arms extended when moved quickly or surprised by a loud sound.
  • Opens eyes, but crosses them frequently.
  • Seems comforted by your touch and voice.

Two months

  • Smiles in response to your face and voice.
  • Fixes her eyes on you for a moment, but prefers to look at simple black-and-white patterns.
  • Coos (makes sweet little "baby noises") in addition to crying.
  • Hands and toes grasp well.
  • Startles, but less easily then before.

Four months

  • Moves head side to side.
  • Holds head steady in a sitting position.
  • Pushes up on her chest while lying on the floor.
  • Brings hands together.
  • Opens hands partly or completely.
  • Holds onto a toy that is placed in her hand.
  • Puts a toy up to her mouth.
  • Reaches with both arms.
  • Holds a bottle or breast during feeding.
  • Plays with her hands/fingers.
  • Coos.
  • Laughs and smiles.
  • Makes sounds when looking at things or people.
  • Tracks slow-moving object with her eyes.

Six months

  • Stands on both legs while you hold her hands.
  • Rolls at least one direction.
  • Sits momentarily (often leaning forward on her hands).
  • Reaches for and grabs a toy.
  • Holds a block with one hand.
  • Rakes at a small object with her hand.
  • Tracks objects by sight and sound.
  • Makes many vocal sounds.
  • Can differentiate the faces of loved ones and strangers.
  • Both eyes track together at all times.
  • No longer crosses eyes unless she's looking at a near object.

Nine months

  • Sits unsupported for several minutes.
  • Rolls over in both directions.
  • Gets into a knee/hand crawling position.
  • Stands beside a low table or crib rail while holding on.
  • Uses her thumb to help pick up small things, called a "pincer" grasp.
  • Babbles sounds with consonants like "da" and "ba."
  • Turns to see a sound.
  • Knows her name.