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Developmental milestones (12-24 months)

Twelve months (1 year)

  • Walks along a low table or couch while holding on.
  • Takes a few steps while holding you with one hand.
  • Has a fine pincer grasp (thumb meets index finger exactly).
  • Claps hands.
  • Points at something she wants.
  • Looks for an object that has fallen out of sight.
  • Follows a simple command - if she's in the mood! (e.g. "Give it to me!" or "Come with me!")

Eighteen months

  • Walks independently, falling infrequently unless trying to run.
  • Climbs on a low object like a chair or sofa.
  • Kicks a large ball.
  • Walks up stairs while holding a hand.
  • Uses the tip of a crayon to mark paper.
  • Turns pages in a board book alone.
  • Gets food to her mouth with a spoon with quite a bit falling on the floor.
  • Speaks a handful of words (5 to 10 words).
  • Understands many of your sentences and words.
  • Points to indicate her wants and needs.
  • Copies your activities (e.g. wiping up a spill or brushing hair).

Twenty-four months (2 years)

  • Runs fairly well, stopping without falling most times.
  • Walks downstairs while holding a hand.
  • Gets a spoon to her mouth without spilling much.
  • Uses a turning motion to turn knobs, wind-up toys, or put lids on.
  • Stacks several blocks.
  • Uses two-word phrases that may be hard for strangers to understand.
  • Pretend plays (e.g. rocks a doll to sleep).