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141008EPA foodallergies-smDoes your child have serious food allergies? Here are some steps to ensure they are safe at school:

  1. Submit an updated, written Food Allergy Action Plan. Take one to school to keep it on file there, and share it with your child’s teacher and front office staff.
  2. Discuss the food allergy with the cook at school. Even if you pack lunches for your child, the chef will appreciate knowing students who have a problem with food allergies.
  3. Take a fresh EpiPen to keep at school. Bring the EpiPen Jr., or EpiPen for bigger kids, and be sure multiple staff members are trained in the proper use.
  4. Have a conversation with your child. Talk to your children about the food(s) they must avoid, and review common symptoms of their allergic reaction. Be sure they are not afraid to tell their teacher if they think they ate a dangerous food, or if they are having symptoms of an allergic attack.
  5. Consider buying your child a Medic Alert bracelet to alert others of their serious food allergy.

Every child should feel safe and comfortable at school. Kids with food allergies need an extra level of protection. If you have questions about food allergies and your child, please contact us at Eugene Pediatric Associates.
140916EPA asthma-smDoes your school-aged child have asthma?  If so, now is the time to take steps to be sure the asthma is controlled as the school year gets rolling.

Your pediatricians at Eugene Pediatric Associates urge you to:

  1. Take an updated, written Asthma Action Plan to school and review it with your child’s teacher and front office staff so they know how to handle the asthma. See us if you need an updated written plan.
  2. Take a fresh Ventolin (rescue) inhaler to school for your child.
  3. Be sure your child gets a flu shot this September or October. Influenza illness is especially dangerous for kids with asthma.
  4. Talk to your children and review the symptoms they feel when an asthma attack is starting, and be sure they are comfortable asking their teachers for help when they don’t feel good. 
  5. Watch our instructional video on www.eugenepeds.com about proper technique using asthma wet inhalers.  

Asthma is a chronic and potentially serious health condition. But with proper management, it will not stop your child from living a long, healthy and active life.

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140901EPA backtoschool-smIt’s back-to-school time, that moment when parents start to think about ways to help their kids stay healthy during the school year.

Here are my top tips:

  1. Vaccinate your children! Oregon is the least immunized state in the United States. School is a major source of exposure to potentially life-threatening diseases for kids. Help keep them safe by vaccinating them according to the American Academy of Pediatrics schedule.
  2. Encourage your kids to wash their hands. Frequently, and especially before eating!
  3. Feed them a healthy breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day, and will give them energy to learn and run all day.
  4. Make sure they get enough sleep. At least nine hours of sleep each night will help their learning, memory and mood the next day.
  5. Be engaged with their schooling. Ask questions and visit with their teachers early in the year. And ask us for help if you see trouble early in the school year.
  6. Give them your love. A hug as they go to school and another as they come home, no matter what happened that day when you were apart. Knowing that they have your unconditional support and adoration will help your child succeed.

School is your child’s job, so make sure you are supportive of their education in every way you can. And call us at Eugene Pediatrics and Thrive Behavioral Health if you have concerns about how your child is doing in school.