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141111questions smFor whatever reason, my hair is a frequent subject of questions from my young patients. Here is a collection of some of the questions I have fielded about my hair, along with my honest answers. Most of these questions were asked by 5 and 6-year-olds, whom I love for their openness and direct approach.

Q: Who does your hair in the morning?
A:  I do my own hair in the morning.  

Q: Do you cut your own hair? The only time my hair was that short was when I cut it with my school scissors.
A:  Once when I was a kid, I did use my school scissors to cut my hair, but I don't do that anymore. (My hair stylist is Helen Wegener at Willow Hair Salon and she is truly amazing. She's from Australia, and worked in Los Angeles before moving to Eugene with her family. I would honestly travel a thousand miles for her scalp massage. She is funny, talented and kind, and she functions both as my hair stylist and therapist.)

Q: Why is your hair so yellow?
A:  Because yellow is the color of the sun...and if it weren't, my hair would be totally gray. And I was blonde as a kid, so I figure it makes sense.

Q: Why do you have boy hair?
A:  Okay, now this question bothered me a teeny bit because one of Dr. Romanoski's patients asked it, and Dr. R has even SHORTER hair than I do. So, I dragged Dr. R into a room and asked this little kid which of us looked more like a boy. Somehow, even though my hair is longer and I am three inches shorter than Dr. Romanoski, I apparently look more boyish to a 5-year-old. Not fair.

Q:  How do you make your hair all swoopy like a tidal wave?
A:  Product. Lots of product. (Pureology Root Lift, Privé Detailing Pomade, and a good dose of Kevin Murphy hairspray) My husband jokes that my head is probably flammable—a thought I don't like to consider after watching Michael Jackson's hair catch on fire in his music video years ago.
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destressBeing a Dr. Mom, I am always caregiving, fretting about kids, and feeling nearly stretched to my limit. It’s a great life and one I wouldn’t change. But there are times when I feel the need to reset myself. Every mom has her list of ways to relax. Here’s mine: 

10. Walking my dog. Barclay and I are both sun lovers, so these crisp fall days are our favorite.

9. Sipping a coffee with my daughter.

8. Watching a Ducks football game with my son.

7. Snuggling on the couch with my husband and talking about our day without discussing medicine. That’s hard for two pediatricians!

6. Listening to music. I either crank up the country, or spin out the smooth jazz to loosen up. I love to play classical violin, but listening to it winds me up.

5. Cooking a special meal on a weekend, preferably with help from my kids. Just talking and hanging out in our kitchen is a favorite activity.

4. Turning off my iPhone. It’s my pager, my email, my phone, my to-do device. Unplugging helps me refocus.

3. Dressing up and going out for dinner. High heels make me forget my worries (and focus on how much my feet hurt!).

2. Playing my violin. This has always been my outlet for every emotion, high and low, a way to work it out and express myself in a way I deeply love.

1. Praying and counting my blessings. This is my favorite for so many reasons, mostly because I can do it any time, in any situation, and find renewed strength, peace and calm.

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141008EPA foodallergies-smDoes your child have serious food allergies? Here are some steps to ensure they are safe at school:

  1. Submit an updated, written Food Allergy Action Plan. Take one to school to keep it on file there, and share it with your child’s teacher and front office staff.
  2. Discuss the food allergy with the cook at school. Even if you pack lunches for your child, the chef will appreciate knowing students who have a problem with food allergies.
  3. Take a fresh EpiPen to keep at school. Bring the EpiPen Jr., or EpiPen for bigger kids, and be sure multiple staff members are trained in the proper use.
  4. Have a conversation with your child. Talk to your children about the food(s) they must avoid, and review common symptoms of their allergic reaction. Be sure they are not afraid to tell their teacher if they think they ate a dangerous food, or if they are having symptoms of an allergic attack.
  5. Consider buying your child a Medic Alert bracelet to alert others of their serious food allergy.

Every child should feel safe and comfortable at school. Kids with food allergies need an extra level of protection. If you have questions about food allergies and your child, please contact us at Eugene Pediatric Associates.

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EPA parents story smAs seen in Parents® Magazine. ©2014. Meredith Corporation.

All rights reserved. Blessed. That’s how I felt when I was notified by Parents magazine that I had been chosen as one of America’s favorite pediatricians. Blessed that God has given me the opportunity to do something I love every day. Blessed that so many wonderful families entrust their children’s care to me. And blessed that people took the time to write so many lovely letters to the magazine on my behalf.

I am sure any one of the other 2,100 nominated pediatricians was equally worthy of winning this recognition. That I was chosen says as much about the parents in my practice as it does about my work. Your kindness in sharing your love and stories won the award.

What means the most to me is the recognition isn’t for any razzle-dazzle factors at Eugene Pediatric Associates. It wasn’t about the website or the Facebook page, the innovations we are creating with Thrive Behavioral Health, or the ways we are leading our region in health care reform. Or even my wonderful partners or my staff.

The letters you wrote were about the sacred moments we all shared together — you, your children and me. Together in exam rooms and at the hospital. When your beautiful babies were born, or when you were frightened because your kids were deathly sick, and we were fighting together to help them. When hard decisions were made about moments you cannot imagine as a parent. When we laughed, and when your kids amazed me.

These moments are all etched in my memory. Indeed, some of the letters were about times very early in my career.

Every time a new child joins my practice, I feel like my heart grows a little bit bigger because I have a new kid to love. If I am lucky, I’m not even halfway through my career, and so I wait eagerly to see what is in store for me. But for sure, the honor of being chosen as one of seven Favorite Pediatricians in America will be a highlight I hold dear through all my years.

Thank you for your faith in me and for sharing your beautiful kids with me. Thank you for making mine the most wonderful job in the world.

Dr B

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Pilar Bradshaw bioMy children are blessed to call Dr. Pilar Bradshaw their doctor. And I know now I am not alone in my great appreciation for Dr. B! Did you hear? She’s one of seven pediatricians featured in the November issue of Parents Magazine as a winner of the Our Favorite Pediatricians Contest.  

The magazine, with a readership of more than 13 million, received an overwhelming 2,100 nominations nationwide. Of all those pediatricians nominated, our beloved Dr. B is one of seven to win!

As a parent, I am thrilled she is being recognized for the amazing qualities her patients and their families already know about her: Dr. B is compassionate, incredibly hard-working and treats our families with love and respect; and she provides the same outstanding care for families with pressing medical needs as she does the ones who see her as infrequently as once or twice a year.

Dr. B is the kind of doctor every family hopes to have caring for their children. Beyond her impeccable medical judgment and significant experience, Dr. B is constantly finding new ways to provide all of her patients the most current therapies and information. And she's building a team of physicians and supportive providers, including mental health providers, in an effort to create an environment intended to address the needs of the whole child. As a result, the children in her practice receive comprehensive care and parents and guardians have the security of knowing that issues and concerns never go unaddressed.

Dr. B is a special physician with incredible passion and a devotion to the families she cares for and her role as a physician. Congratulations, Dr. B, on being a winner of Parents Magazine's Our Favorite Pediatricians Contest. We cannot think of a better person and physician to receive the award!

Anne Sharman
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