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More than 1,200 of Dr. Bradshaw’s patients, as well as her own two children, are among the many recently notified by PeaceHealth Medical Group (PHMG) that some of the vaccines they received at PHMG dating back to 2004 may have been sub-potent due to irregularities in storage of those vaccines. If your child was on the list, you should have received a letter by now from PHMG, along with Dr. B’s own letter sharing her thoughts on the revaccination effort.

Some letters were sent in error by PHMG to patients who have never received vaccines at PHMG clinics. After the mailing, when confused patients started calling the revaccination hotline, further checks were done by PHMG staff to assure that only the correct patients get the vaccines they need. If your child never received vaccines at a PHMG clinic and you received a letter, it was likely a clerical error. Please call the Vaccine Information Hotline at 541-222-5994 to be sure.

Many parents have important questions about the revaccination process. Here are a few key points from Dr. Bradshaw to keep in mind, along with her thoughts that were written in her letter to you:

  • Her best advice is to revaccinate your kids according to the catch-up schedule that will be given to you when you come to the revaccination clinic at PHMG. Dr. B plans to have her own two kids get the shots they need repeated, because she believes it is the best way to ensure their bodies are immune to the serious illnesses these shots prevent.
  • The revaccination is happening at PHMG instead of Dr. B’s office at Eugene Pediatric Associates, because it’s the financial responsibility of PHMG to pay for the thousands of shots that need to be re-administered, and PeaceHealth has accepted that responsibility.
  • Even if all of the early childhood vaccines your child received were sub-potent (for many of her patients, 18 shots are on the list), your child will NOT have to be given all 18 shots over again. Instead, the RNs in charge of the revaccination project at PHMG will give you a “forecast” that shows a reduced number of more closely spaced vaccines, according to standard “catch-up” schedules for use in older children that have been well-studied by the Centers for Disease Control over many years.
  • We have no evidence to suggest that any of the vaccines given at PHMG were in any way harmful to your child. Painful, yes, harmful, no.
  • The medical community has many decades of experience giving “catch-up” shots to older children who have been previously immunized to demonstrate that the process of giving additional shots is safe. It’s certainly not at all fun for our sweet children to repeat them, but it is safe. The best example Dr. B can give is foreign-adopted children who move to the U.S. and require new vaccines, because those they received in their homeland are deemed unreliable.
  • Many parents in Dr. B’s practice have asked about having blood tests to see if their child really must be revaccinated. Dr. B has researched this issue and has found the following key points:
    • PHMG is willing to pay for antibody titer tests, however:
    • Titer tests are NOT recommended by the CDC or our local infectious disease experts because research on the effectiveness of vaccines is based not on antibody levels, but rather on adherence to standard vaccines being given (either in a typical or “catch-up” schedule).
    • Dr. B would encourage parents to only consider titers if their child is due to have multiple vaccines repeated. The pain and hassle of blood work will be similar to having a few shots repeated.
    • Please message the RN through this website or call Dr. B’s office at Eugene Pediatric Associates if you want titers drawn on your child.
  • In this, as in life, all of us as parents are doing the best we can to take care of our kids. Dr. B was very disappointed to learn that her patients, as well as her own children, would need to be re-vaccinated. But she remains steadfast in her belief that vaccines save children’s lives. Please join her in the effort to revaccinate our kids.