I am excited to announce that Dr. LoRanée Braun is joining me as a co-owner of Eugene Pediatric Associates. This move represents a significant advancement in the leadership of Eugene Pediatrics and Thrive Behavioral Health, which is now on an intentional path away from single-physician ownership and moving toward a practice that is owned and operated by multiple physicians.

What does this mean for our patients, partners and staff?
This new ownership model allows our physicians proprietorship in the region’s first and only Oregon Health Authority-recognized, 5-star, fully integrated pediatric medical-behavioral health clinic. This means that owning physicians play a key role in decision-making for our clinic as we continue to grow and change. For patients and their families, it means that we are even more stable as a practice and helps to ensure that Eugene Pediatrics will be around for generations to come. It also provides our staff members more leaders to turn to with questions or concerns.

About Dr. Braun
Dr. Braun is an outstanding physician and human being. During her two-decade career in the U.S. Army, she ascended to the rank of Colonel, serving multiple tours of duty in Iraq. She led a pediatric residency program, graduating 50 board-certified pediatricians during her tenure. She played a pivotal role in the creation of the first Department of Defense Center for Autism, Research and Education Services, and her research in simulation training and infectious diseases has been recognized internationally. In that capacity, she has been invaluable to me in developing our practice’s response to COVID-19 and advising the community on management of the pandemic. Dr. Braun’s encyclopedic knowledge of pediatric medicine has made her a valued resource for our entire community, serving on the Trillium Community Health Plan Clinical Advisory Panel to help guide medical treatment of children in our region.

What makes Dr. Braun special isn’t just her unparalleled resume – it’s her heart and her passion for serving children and families. It is her steadiness and courage.  It is knowing that if I am worried about a medically complex, sick child, I can call her anytime, day or night, to talk about it. I love to watch and listen to her when she walks into an exam room – her excitement about kids, her joy in seeing them grow, and her desire to help parents radiates. She is someone I am honored to have as my business partner and proud to call my friend. Please help me congratulate Dr. Braun for her new role as co-owner of Eugene Pediatric Associates.