Every person working at Eugene Pediatrics has a unique story of how they came to join our team. None is sweeter or more personal to me than the story behind our amazing new registered nurse, Bonnie Root.

Bonnie was just 19 years old when I met her; a budding young student attending Lane Community College completing the pre-requisites for her nursing degree. I was interviewing her as a potential nanny for our young children, Jack and Liesl, who were six and four at the time. I remember how her smile and energy filled the room. Bonnie got the job and became like a beloved big sister to my kids. They served as the flower children in her wedding four years later.

Fast forward several years and I had the privilege of taking care of babies and children at Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend shoulder-to-shoulder with Bonnie, now a licensed nurse who received accolades from all who met her professionally. I was even more proud when she took on an important teaching role in our community, offering baby classes at Women’s Care. Since then, we’ve always kept in touch, especially after the birth of her two sweet boys, Danny and Timmy.

Recently, I saw a post on Bonnie’s Facebook page that said, “My head is in the clouds! Ultimate dream: My own company that offers new parent education and postpartum home visits. Maybe someday.”

That was it! I immediately knew what needed to happen: Eugene Pediatrics had to make Bonnie’s dream a reality. For the benefit of babies, families, Bonnie and our entire team, this was going to be a great, new adventure!

What gets me out of bed each morning is the energy and joy I feel knowing I have a team of dedicated professionals whose dream job is to give kids the best possible care.

Eugene Pediatrics is blessed to have Bonnie join her story with ours.