Bonnie Schrouder, R.N., I.B.C.L.C.

With a passion for helping families thrive, Bonnie Schrouder offers a valuable service to new moms and dads, seeing parents and their babies during what she calls “a golden window” — that two weeks after a baby’s birth, between their first pediatric appointments. Highly skilled in all areas of newborn feeding, Bonnie offers education, tips and additional support throughout breastfeeding, bottlefeeding and more. She strives to ease parents’ concerns and help them feel confident caring for their newborn.

Registered Nurse

Bonnie graduated from Marist High School in Eugene, Oregon, and earned her nursing degree at Lane Community College. Before joining Eugene Pediatrics, she spent seven years caring for moms and babies in the postpartum unit at Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend, then served as a pediatric nurse at the hospital. In addition to helping parents at Eugene Pediatrics, Bonnie is also the Breastfeeding Educator and Newborn Baby Care Educator for Pacific Women’s Center in Eugene and the Newborn Baby Care Educator for Women’s Care in Eugene and Springfield.


Bonnie has always had a heart for children. Now, as the mom of two young boys, she has an even greater appreciation for the role she plays in the lives of new parents. She understands what it’s like when things don’t go as planned, and she knows what kind of support parents need in those first few weeks of their child’s life.

Outdoors Enthusiast

Bonnie and her family enjoy going on outdoor adventures. During the summer and fall, they love boating, hiking and exploring forestlands, and finding new places to camp. In the winter, their interests shift to snowboarding.

Parody Songwriter

In addition to being a mom and empowering parents, one of Bonnie’s favorite things in life is to make people laugh. She grew up listening to Weird Al Yankovic parodies of contemporary music and discovered her own knack for transforming the lyrics of popular tunes to address parents’ struggles — from diaper rash, to making friends with other moms and dads, to the desperate need for a nap. Bonnie’s songs and accompanying Facebook videos add levity to the pressure parents often feel to “have it all together.”

Fun Facts

Bonnie was on the dance team in high school, winning All-State at the OSAA Dance and Drill State Championships her senior year. She went on to perform with dance companies locally. Even now, when she hears a beat, she can’t help but move, whether it’s dancing with her boys in the kitchen or even at the grocery store. Bonnie also loves all things Disney. If she didn’t already have an amazing job, her wish would be to play the role of Tinker Bell at Disneyland.