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H.J. “Buz” Meisel, P.A.-C.

A teacher at his core, H.J. “Buz” Meisel believes successful medicine is like piecing together a puzzle. It requires an attentive listener, a strong communicator and a heart for people. Engaging and patient, he takes the time to focus on the individual, identify and address concerns and make each visit a personal experience for the parent and child.

Physician Assistant

Buz earned his physician assistant certification from the University of Washington in Seattle. He received his nursing degree from Linn Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon. Prior to that, he completed his undergraduate education at Oregon State University in Corvallis, earning a bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology.

Teacher & Volunteer

As a kid, Buz yearned to learn. A passion for sharing what he knows with others has fueled his life. Each year, he speaks to students in the Introduction to Medicine class at the University of Oregon, passing along what he’s learned from helping patients. He’s also dedicated time to treat patients through Volunteers in Medicine over the years.


Married for more than 20 years, Buz has made it a priority to be present in the lives of his five children. Before having kids, he didn’t know a person’s heart could be so full, but being a father has taught him the true capacity of love.

Outdoors Enthusiast

Appreciating the beauty of Oregon, rain or shine, Buz likes just about any activity that gets him active outside. He enjoys skiing—snow or water—and he’s also a big fan of tennis. But since it’s not as conducive to Oregon rain, he mostly plays indoors.

Reader / Writer / Artist

John Steinbeck is one of his favorite authors, but he’s an avid reader of all genres, from fiction to philosophy. In addition, Buz has a talent for writing short stories, essays and poetry. He also likes to paint.

Fun Facts

Secretly, Buz dreams of being a stand-up comedian. Since laughter is the best medicine, he uses it often to comfort patients. He spent five years in seminary and originally planned to be a priest. Buz is a decent dancer and performs a mean “Running Man.” When in the right mood, he’ll even rap.