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Katy Buddeke, Case Manager

Kindhearted and empathetic, Katy Buddeke strives to connect with families where they are, validating their concerns and ensuring that they feel heard and supported. Katy is an attentive listener and problem solver who partners with families, connecting them with needed resources and making each visit personal and comfortable.

Case Manager

Katy received her bachelor’s degree in Family and Human Services at the University of Oregon. With a passion for people and an understanding of the importance of human connection, Katy serves as a skills trainer for Oregon Community Programs, a nonprofit providing research-based treatment and prevention services and programs to children and families. She also interned with Lane County Youth Services, working with teens through coordinated prevention and intervention programs.


As a freshman in college looking to find her niche, Katy discovered the sport of rowing and fell in love with it. She credits rowing for teaching her the true value of teamwork, commitment, discipline and physical stamina. She competed with the team for four years and now serves as coach for the university’s novice squad, while assisting with the varsity squad.


An extrovert to the core, Katy is happiest when she’s around people, seeking opportunities to share her experiences and empower others in their own pursuits. As a teacher’s assistant in high school to camp counselor, skills trainer and coach, she gains great satisfaction in helping others find direction, motivation and success.


Music is a family affair for Katy. With guidance from her father, who teaches music for a living, she developed an appreciation for music and singing at a young age. Katy plays guitar, ukulele and piano. She enjoys songwriting and performing alongside her dad, mom and sister, as well as collaborating with other musicians. While she appreciates all kinds of music, she is drawn to jazz, folk, blues and funk.

Fun Facts

Born and raised in Oregon, Katy enjoys spending time outdoors skiing, camping and swimming. A natural explorer, she likes taking road trips, experiencing new adventures and trying unique foods and restaurants.