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Developmental milestones (3-5 years)

Three years

  • Jumps with both feet off the floor.
  • Goes up and down stairs - be careful!
  • Points to her major body parts when you name them.
  • Knows both her first and last name.
  • Copies a circle with a crayon after seeing you make a circle first (your child's circle may be messy but sort of looks like a circle).
  • Speaks in sentences 3 to 4 words long; most can be understood by a stranger.
  • Understands the idea of taking turns - although she may not like it!

Four years

  • Jumps well.
  • Balances on one foot for at least five seconds.
  • Climbs the ladder on a slide at the park and goes down the slide - if she's not scared.
  • Catches a large ball with both arms.
  • Runs very fast.
  • Puts together a six-piece puzzle.
  • Uses child-safe scissors well.
  • Answers a simple question that requires some imagination. ("What do you like to do after dinner?" might be answered "Go to the park and play!")
  • Has unlimited language and very clear pronunciation, easily understood by a stranger.
  • Follows multiple directions - if she's in the mood! (e.g. "Go get your shoes on, then come put on your coat and we can go outside.")
  • Knows at least five basic colors.
  • Plays dress up or other elaborate imagination games.
  • Counts to ten.

Five years

  • Hops on one foot.
  • Balances well on one foot for several seconds.
  • Traces a shape exactly.
  • Draws a simple person.
  • Recognizes a few numbers when they are presented in written form (e.g. knows that "2" is "two").
  • Undresses or dresses independently.
  • Follows multiple directions accurately.