How to know baby is getting enough

Many breastfeeding mothers worry that their baby is not getting enough milk because there is no way to measure what’s going into her mouth. Don’t worry. You will know your baby is being well fed when she is satisfied and sleepy after nursing, and by the number of stools and wet diapers. See bowel and bladder function.

Most feedings should last 15 to 30 minutes once breastfeeding is well established. Your baby typically will feed 8 to 10 times over 24 hours, often in clusters (feedings close together), especially at night. Do not let your baby go longer than five hours without eating. If she takes one long break, push her to eat more often when she’s awake.

Please schedule an appointment to meet with us 2 to 3 days after delivery if this is your first baby, or if breastfeeding problems occur. We will check your baby for adequate weight gain. Help us track how your baby is doing by bringing in a breastfeeding log and record that you can download and fill out each day.

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Feeding your newborn


Breastfeeding comes easily to some mothers and their babies, but can be a challenge for others. Latching your baby correctly is the first step in breastfeeding.