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The evolving role of motherhood

2018-09-05T15:02:17+00:00May 12th, 2018|From Dr. B|

Motherhood is a sacred sisterhood, a collection of hearts devoted to the small people of this planet. I still remember the first moment I felt as though I belonged in this special group— it was my 30th birthday and I had my first glimpse of the tiny heart beating inside me (my future Jack in the first trimester).

Teaching teens to celebrate safely

2018-10-17T18:05:18+00:00Apr 27th, 2018|From Dr. B|

Prom night and graduation are special events. Many young people will tell you, the most exciting part isn't so much the dance or the ceremony as it is the parties that often follow. Unfortunately, the risk for tragedy increases when those celebrations include alcohol, drugs or distracted driving.

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