Cast care

Cast care

Broken bones are never fun. Casts provide the support and protection needed to help your child’s bone heal. Now that your child has a cast, here are some important ways to take care of it:

  • Carefully follow your doctor’s instructions for physical activity. Also consult any coaches to see if your child needs a note to excuse them from sports.
  • The cast should be comfortable. The fingers or toes showing outside the cast should be pink, warm and wiggly. Some mild swelling is normal. If your child’s toes or fingers change color or abnormally swell, or if the cast is uncomfortable, please call us at Eugene Pediatric Associates right away.
  • Keep the cast dry and clean. Even though the cast is waterproof, the inner lining is not. Getting the cast wet may cause skin irritation or require that the cast be removed and a new one put on. Shower or bathe with the cast inside a plastic bag.
  • Do not trim or alter the cast in any way.
  • Never stuff things inside of the cast.
  • If the cast feels itchy, often the problem is moisture collecting in the padding inside the cast. Try setting a blow dryer on LOW and direct the dryer into the cast for a few minutes. Another trick for itchy casts is putting a bag of frozen peas or crushed ice on the outside of the cast.
  • Be sure to return to our office as scheduled to have your child’s cast removed.
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Children’s bones are still developing until they are about 18 years old. Make sure your children get enough calcium early in life, so they can grow strong bones.