Jordan Bradshaw, Case Manager

Attentive and outgoing, Jordan Bradshaw is a shoulder of support for parents and children, helping them feel acknowledged, understood and respected. A listener and problem solver, Jordan assists families in navigating the challenges they face and serves as a liaison by connecting them with community resources. She believes in nurturing the whole family and focusing on the strengths of parents to grow strong relationships with their children.

Case Manager

Jordan received her Bachelor of Education and Human Services at the University of Oregon and worked for five years in social services as a behavioral specialist at Jasper Mountain Center and Lane Education Service District. She also spent five years as a caseworker with the Department of Human Services. That experience has allowed her to help families navigate the state’s child welfare system, which can be confusing and intimidating. Jordan has extensive communications training and is focused on the well-being of children.

Problem Solver

No matter the circumstances, Jordan has always been passionate about helping people. She’s an advocate for healthy children and families and works with parents to identify solutions to problems. Jordan collaborates with parents, schools and primary care providers, finding that the best solutions happen when everyone works together.


Raising her two young children is the most rewarding and challenging endeavor she has ever undertaken. Motherhood has helped her become a fuller person, and she’s always amazed by her children’s wonder at the simplicities of life. Being a mom has given her better perspective in her work and taught her the power of unconditional love and true joy.

International Traveler

Jordan’s fondness for world travel started in high school when she volunteered for church missions in Mexico. In college, she joined Camp Adventure USA, a program founded at the University of Oregon that provides summer camp experiences for kids on American military bases overseas. Jordan spent her first summer with the program in Germany and her love for international travel only grew when she visited France, Italy, Prague, Switzerland and West Africa. She enjoys experiencing different cultures and seeing how people live. Jordan plans to return to Europe with her children when they’re older.

Fun Facts

Jordan loves coffee—Americanos are her favorite. She also enjoys statement jewelry, like bold necklaces, and never leaves home without a fun accessory. Growing up, she was bitten by the theatrical bug and wanted to be an actress. As a child, she and her cousins choreographed dances to songs by New Kids on the Block and performed them for their parents. Those videos still exist, which Jordan finds mortifying.