Tori Oldham, R.N., B.S.N.

Tori Oldham understands the needs of children with chronic illnesses and complex needs. Having worked at Seattle Children’s Hospital for five years, she is both knowledgeable and experienced. A resilient work ethic, paired with her affinity for the children and families in her care, motivates and influences her work. An optimistic attitude and a realist mindset guide her decisions in caring for children with chronic illness, ranging from diabetes or cancer to severe asthma or Crohn’s disease.

Registered Nurse

Tori is a board-certified registered nurse and a graduate of the Gonzaga University nursing program in Spokane, Washington. Working in a pediatric oncology unit has made her highly skilled at caring for children long-term. Because she is a certified pediatric hematology oncology nurse, Tori is skilled and attuned at addressing the needs of her patients. She helps parents understand the complexity of their child’s situation and makes sure that they are equipped and able to adjust as a family.

Care Coordinator

At Eugene Pediatrics, Tori focuses on care coordination; she is our point person for families of children with long-term medical needs. An astute communicator, she ensures that families are getting what they need, serving as a cornerstone and a conduit for information. Tori also oversees the training of our certified medical assistants, relaying to them the most up-to-date healthcare information and practices.


Pediatric care runs in the family for Tori. Her mom, who is also a pediatric nurse, is one of Tori’s greatest inspirations and is the reason she, herself, got into pediatric nursing. Growing up, she would go with her dad to pick up her mom from the same hospital she found herself working at years later. Although they did not work on the same team, she and her mom often had lunch together when their schedules aligned.


Growing up in the Northwest, Tori learned to love the outdoors, whether it be hiking, camping, or gardening. Since moving to Eugene, she has relished in exploring the city—her husband’s hometown. She and their chocolate lab, Stanley, also enjoy visiting local dog parks.

Fun Facts

In kindergarten, Tori saw the Brigadoon musical and became infatuated with the Scottish dance scene. Her mom found her a dance teacher, and Tori was a competitive Scottish dancer until the seventh grade, when she chose to instead focus on soccer. Although she doesn’t play soccer competitively anymore, she still hangs onto her cleats and hopes to find a good fit with an intramural league in Eugene. Tori also loves baking bread, constantly trying to achieve the perfect loaf.