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Devin Hookland, F.N.P.-C

Passionate about patient-centered care and education, Devin Hookland, F.N.P.-C, enjoys making a difference in the lives of her patients. She values listening and helping people feel empowered to make their own decisions about their health care. She relies on evidence-based practices to produce positive patient outcomes.


Born and raised in Eugene, Devin earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon, and her Master of Science in Nursing from Frontier Nursing University in Clearfield, Kentucky. She has worked as an R.N. for 10 years, specializing in obstetrics, pediatrics, primary care and urgent care.


In taking time to listen to her patients’ concerns, Devin says, she can be creative in terms of patient care. “I can really individualize people’s care based on what they want and need, as long as it’s within safe boundaries. I’m pretty creative and open to doing different kinds of things.”


Family is important to Devin. The mother of two, she says raising her young boys keeps her on her toes. “I think I’ve been surprised about how much having kids teaches you about yourself. Definitely. Your patience. Your downfalls. It’s fun and challenging.” Her family also recently got a Corgi puppy, named June. “She loves to wrestle with the boys,” Devin says.

Trust builder

Devin prides herself on working hard to build trust with families. Although it can be challenging, she remains open to honest dialogue. Having worked in labor and delivery for nearly a decade and being a mother of young children, she has a good understanding of how people feel and what they want to hear, she says.


Providing health care for those who have a hard time accessing care is very important to Devin. She enjoys going out into the community and connecting people with information and services they otherwise wouldn’t know about or be able to access. In pediatrics, she especially enjoys connecting with children of all ages and making them feel like they have a comfortable place to visit when they need something, she says.

Outdoor enthusiast

In their free time, Devin and her husband love to take their boys hiking and camping. Both from the Eugene area, they know the trails and campgrounds well. They love to visit Central Oregon and explore the Oregon Coast. “We really enjoy the outdoors,” Devin says.