Teen issues for boys

Teen issues for boys

Eugene Pediatric Associates is sensitive to the needs of teenage patients and their families. We want to ensure that your teenager feels comfortable at our office. Our goal is to help your teen take care of their health and educate them about their changing body.

Here, your will learn about normal changes in the body, acne, sports injuries and prevention, eating right and staying fit, teen safety issues, dating, sexually transmitted infections and birth control, sexual orientation, drugs and alcohol, as well as family and social issues.

Go to our special sections on sleep, eating, nutrition and mental health for children to learn about those topics.

Teen issues for boys

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Teen issues for boys: Body changes

Puberty is the time in life when your body changes from child to adult. When puberty hits, wild and wacky things happen both physically and emotionally, and it’s important for you and your son to understand that these changes are completely normal.