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Shelley Hartman, M.D., F.A.A.P.

An avid listener, Dr. Shelley Hartman puts her focus on her patients’ needs and builds trust with families. She values communication and education in her approach to medicine, bringing a broad range of experience in pediatric well-child and urgent care, as well as the management of mental health, medically fragile and complex cases.


Originally from Oregon, Dr. Hartman received a Bachelor of Science from Portland State University. She received her medical degree from Oregon Health Science University and served her pediatric residency at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.


Shelley comes from a family of teachers. She approaches her job as a doctor, in part, as a teacher, enjoying opportunities to talk with parents about the changes they are experiencing as their children grow from infancy through the teenage years. She believes teaching is a chance to build healthy connections and to bridge understanding.

Mother and Learner

Mothering her daughter, who is now an adult, Shelley experienced the many joys and the teaching moments that parenting affords. Shelley credits her daughter with imparting her with wisdom that she hadn’t known solely as a pediatrician. She believes her “on the job” training has helped her understand the many challenges parents face while raising children. She approaches families with empathy, knowing that things usually turn out fine in the end.


Earlier in her life, Shelley had to receive several blood transfusions as part of a personal health crisis. Now, she’s a dedicated blood donor and advocates passionately for blood donorship, encouraging healthy people who are not too intimidated to give blood.


A keen reader, Shelley favors books on a wide variety of topics. Reading anything from true stories to historical fiction, she enjoys the research and gleaning of new information. She’s also loves to poke around in cozy, independent bookstores whenever she’s traveling through small towns. You never know what book treasures you’ll find, she says.

Fun Fact

Throughout her domestic travels, Shelley has visited 49 of the 50 states, with Mississippi being the lone state left for her to visit. Just before the pandemic in 2020, Shelley was scheduled to attend a medical conference in Mississippi, but the event was cancelled. She has plans, though, to travel to Mississippi in the future and complete her tour of “The States.”