How-to videos

Administering medication

There are times you’re going to need to give your baby medication. Here are tips on how to get the medicine go down in the most delightful way.


The tried and true over-the-shoulder burping method works well but did you know there are other options?

Giving eye drops

Although it sounds impossible, giving eye drops to your baby can be easy with the right technique.


Swaddling your newborn offers both warmth and security. With a few simple folds, you’ll have swaddling wrapped up.

Taking a temperature

If you need to take your child’s temperature but he or she is not cooperative or too young for an oral thermometer, here are recommendations on how to do it.

Using an aspirator bulb

Using an aspirator bulb can be more damaging to your child than helpful. If you do need to use one, follow these guidelines.

Using dry powder inhalers

There are many kinds of controller medications called dry powder inhalers that have to be taken regularly. Learn the proper steps.

Using wet inhalers

One of the most common ways to administer asthma medication is with a wet inhaler. Here’s how to use it.