Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), Eugene Pediatric Associates and Thrive Behavioral Health have made changes to how we deliver care during this challenging time.

Beginning Monday, March 23, 2020, we will offer “telemedicine visits” for some (but not all) of our patients. Telemedicine allows a medical or behavioral health provider to speak face to face with patients and families who are staying in their homes. The connection we will use is private, secure and simple to use from your cell phone, tablet or home computer.

We are grateful to be able to offer the opportunity for you and your children to use Telemedicine visits for:

  • Most child well checks
  • Many other types of office visits
  • All visits with Thrive’s therapists, child psychiatrist and psychologist

Although our ability to examine your child is limited by only being able to see him or her on our screen, as experienced pediatricians we will visually be able to do a lot of exam work, and answer all of your questions face to face via telemedicine.

We will continue to provide office visits in safe ways for patients who need to be seen in person. The following types of visits need a physician to examine your child in person:

  • Newborn exams
  • 2-week-old baby well checks
  • Circumcisions
  • 6-week-old well checks
  • 4-year-old well checks

Each of these ages MUST have a doctor personally examine them to detect critical health issues such as heart problems, lung problems, congenital cataracts, vision and hearing loss, and hip dysplasia among many other reasons.

Clinic protocol is as follows:

  • Well children will wait in their car after arriving in our parking lot and be invited inside when an exam room is ready
  • These children will enter the front of the building and all people will be screened for fever before they enter
  • NO sick patients will be on the main side of our clinic, so well babies and children will be safe
  • Children with fevers of 100.4 or higher (after discussion with the triage nurse) will be seen in the quarantine back zone of our clinic. Call us when you arrive and wait in your car in the rear parking lot until your exam room is ready.

Vaccines still need to be given on schedule. Despite concerns about coronavirus (COVID-19), other health hazards like measles, whooping cough and other vaccine-preventable diseases still exist and babies need to be protected. Vaccine visits will take place on the main side of our clinic where only well children are being seen by our providers.

Other office visits may be necessary for medical concerns like injuries, urinary infections, and a variety of other routine but pressing pediatric medical problems. These children will enter the east side entrance of the building and pass a temperature check point.

TO SCHEDULE ANY TYPE OF VISIT, WHETHER IT IS TELEMEDICINE OR IN-PERSON, PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE AT 541-484-5437. You will be asked to leave a message with your child’s name, date of birth, reason for visit, and then a scheduler will call you back immediately to get you on our schedule.

IF YOU HAVE A PREVIOUSLY SCHEDULED VISIT OF ANY KIND: you will be contacted and given the option of making your visit a telemedicine visit, if appropriate.

We know everyone is concerned about their family’s health at this time. We are here to help you in whatever capacity you may need care.