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Normal vs. Infected Ear

2022-11-02T16:11:09-07:00Aug 30th, 2018|

Normal vs. Infected Ear When the ear is infected, the Eustachian tube becomes inflamed, allowing fluid to collect behind the eardrum. Germs can grow in the warm fluid. As the bones become immersed in fluid, a person’s ability to hear is impaired. Pain from an ear infection occurs as the fluid collects and pushes outward on the sensitive eardrum. Medical Illustration Copyright © 2009 Nucleus Medical [...]

Hip Dysplasia

2022-11-02T16:11:17-07:00Aug 30th, 2018|

Hip Dysplasia Human babies and Labrador retriever puppies have something in common: a tendency to suffer from under-developed hip joints, called "developmental dysplasia of the hips (DDH)." DDH happens when the socket in the pelvic bone (the "acetabulum") grows too shallow, so the head of the leg bone ("femur") does not stay in place. Although some cases of DDH are evident at birth, others do not [...]

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