All children worry from time to time, but typically these worries don’t last for very long and don’t interfere with a child’s daily life. If the anxiety becomes severe, frequent, negatively impacts the child’s life or the family’s functioning, it’s time to see us.

Help is available for children with severe anxiety

If you believe that your child could be struggling with anxiety, or if other people are sharing their concerns about your child’s behavior with you, we encourage you to discuss it with us at the first signs or symptoms. We can help determine if your child’s anxiety is a passing stage or a more persistent anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders, of which there are many types, can be treated with therapy, medication or sometimes a combination of the two. We are here to help guide you in choosing the most successful treatment option for your child.


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Anxiety Disorders

Children with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) may worry excessively about all kind of things, such as school, grades, past performances, family issues, friend issues, natural disasters, safety or disease and illness.