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Many children will recover from a traumatic event with the support of family alone. Others may also need the assistance of a mental health professional.


2024-05-26T21:30:14-07:00May 26th, 2024|

A divorce can be a difficult situation for any family to navigate. Children are adjusting to life in two homes, new schedules and routines, and sometimes moving to new places and schools.


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Children of any age can become deeply upset by life events and may need help coping with their sadness, whether their symptoms last a short time or for many months.


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Diagnosis and treatment of autism requires a multidisciplinary approach that includes behavioral health specialists, medical specialists and appropriate support for family members.


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Many kids have age-appropriate fears, such as being afraid of the dark. Most of the time, reassurance and simple solutions, such as a nightlight, help them overcome their fears.

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