Eugene Pediatrics and Thrive Behavioral Health are the recipients of the highest rating available to a primary care clinic by the Oregon Health Authority. We are now a 5 Star Patient-Centered Primary Care Home. Only a handful of pediatric clinics in the state of Oregon have earned this recognition. We are our region’s only 5 Star pediatric clinic with its own fully integrated team of behavioral health specialists and social workers.

To earn this top 5 Star rating, we had to submit reams of written material about our clinic and complete a multi-day site visit by representatives from the Oregon Patient-Centered Primary Care Home Program (PCPCH). This process took years to complete, including hiring several new staff to our care team and creating new methods to work seamlessly together.

The core attributes of a 5 Star clinic:

  • Access to care: Patients receive the care they need when they need it.
  • Accountability: The clinic is responsible for making sure patients receive the best possible care.
  • Comprehensive: The clinic provides all the care, information, and services patients need.
  • Continuity: The clinic works with patients and their community to improve patient population health over time.
  • Coordination and integration: The clinic helps patients navigate the system to meet their needs in a safe and timely manner.
  • Patient- and family-centered: The clinic recognizes that patients are the most important members of the health care team and supports them at the center of their overall health and wellness.

This rating belongs to every one of the nearly 40 staff members at Eugene Pediatrics and Thrive Behavioral Health and to the almost 11,000 children and families whose strong attachment to our practice makes it possible to work as one cohesive team.

Now more than ever, during the unprecedented COVID-19 health crisis, our team is working with their whole hearts to care for our community. We welcome new patients to experience our region’s 5 Star Patient-Centered Primary Care Home. Give us a call today at 541-HUG-KIDS.