My 12-year-old just introduced me to websites that I think are truly dangerous for kids. Sites that allow kids to ask and answer questions from anyone on the Internet. Kids can show photos and personal data about themselves, and then anyone can ask further questions.

In my child’s circle of friends, children can ask about best friends, couples they want to see together and lots of other questions that seem innocent but can hurt feelings and threaten friendships.

Worse yet, predators and complete strangers can ask kids personal questions and follow their responses to every question asked. Children cannot see who follows their content. Kids can be searched for by name or location, if the child listed his or her location on the account.

All of this can happen without a parent’s permission or knowledge.

Please get smart, everyone. Ask your kids what they are doing on the Internet, teach them how to be safe (as much as possible) and get on their computers and see what sites they’ve visited. Don’t hesitate to ban them from dangerous sites by restricting their access with parent controls.