choresThe subject of chores comes up fairly often in discussion with parents. I am a big believer in chores. Everyone in the family, kids included, should feel as if they play a part in the work of keeping the family unit running. Having your children do daily and unpaid chores is a great way to build pride, a sense of responsibility and important life skills.

Make the tasks age-appropriate:

  • 4-year-olds can pick up toys off the bedroom and living room floor
  • school-age child can do garbage duty or empty the dishwasher
  • young teens can do laundry.

Involve everyone in making a list of family tasks, write them on a white board and change them up once a month. You can make also make it more fun.

The idea is not to nag. Kids need to remember to do their chores regularly on their own. There is a small penalty for forgetting, and they do not receive any money or reward for doing the chores (unless of course your kids pay you for driving them to school, getting groceries or all your household chores!).

You are doing them a favor by helping them learn the skills they will need to survive when they are living on their own. Time flies by, so start daily chores early in their little lives.