FamilyThanksgiving always seems like a good time for me to reflect on the many things in life for which I am truly and deeply thankful. God has blessed me, and I give thanks for so many things.

  • My faith. It gives every aspect of my life meaning and perspective, and nurtures me in the best and hardest times.
  • My health and the health of the people I love. Without good health, life is so much harder. Every day is truly a gift. My job constantly reminds me to be grateful for each day.
  • My family. Loving parents who raised me tenderly and who still are my best friends. A husband whose love makes every day better. My wonderful kids: What can I say, they are my greatest joy and the loves of my life.
  • My work. A driving passion, the reason I jump out of bed every day, the source of so much joy and satisfaction in my life. Co-workers who share my love of children.
  • My music. Since I was two years old, the legacy that is mine — of four generations of German violin makers and musicians — the outlet for my emotions and a uniquely wonderful way to communicate.
  • My friends. Tolerant of my faults, understanding of my crazy awful schedule, standing by me through the years of shared life experiences.
  • My dog. Every day starts and ends with that wagging tail.
  • My Oregon. From the coast to the mountains, north to south, the finest place to call home.
  • My other favorite things. Including good food, pinot gris, football games, sunshine, starry nights, warm beaches, toasty fireplaces, spring bulbs, laughter, a fluffy down quilt — the list is endless!
  • For children. For their laughter, resilience and tenacity, their honesty and funny comments, their ability to inspire hope and their potential to change the world.

To all my beloved families, I give thanks for your children, for your faith in me to take the best care of them that I possibly can each day and for the joy you share with me every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. B