DestressBeing a Dr. Mom, I am always caregiving, fretting about kids, and feeling nearly stretched to my limit. It’s a great life and one I wouldn’t change. But there are times when I feel the need to reset myself. Every mom has her list of ways to relax. Here’s mine:

10. Walking my dog. Barclay and I are both sun lovers, so these crisp fall days are our favorite.

9. Sipping a coffee with my daughter.

8. Watching a Ducks football game with my son.

7. Snuggling on the couch with my husband and talking about our day without discussing medicine. That’s hard for two pediatricians!

6. Listening to music. I either crank up the country, or spin out the smooth jazz to loosen up. I love to play classical violin, but listening to it winds me up.

5. Cooking a special meal on a weekend, preferably with help from my kids. Just talking and hanging out in our kitchen is a favorite activity.

4. Turning off my iPhone. It’s my pager, my email, my phone, my to-do device. Unplugging helps me refocus.

3. Dressing up and going out for dinner. High heels make me forget my worries (and focus on how much my feet hurt!).

2. Playing my violin. This has always been my outlet for every emotion, high and low, a way to work it out and express myself in a way I deeply love.

1. Praying and counting my blessings. This is my favorite for so many reasons, mostly because I can do it any time, in any situation, and find renewed strength, peace and calm.