Each day, life offers great ways to test your kids’ math skills when you are together. There are lots of fun suggestions online, but try some of the following with your kids, even if they’re older and well past addition, subtraction, multiplication and division:

  • Have your kids keep an estimate in their head of your bill at the grocery store. As you put an item into your cart, tell your kids the price, ask them to round it up to the nearest 10 and keep a mental tally.
  • Have your child calculate your tip at a restaurant.
  • Review multiplication facts with your kids as you are driving them around town.
  • Have your child balance your checkbook — or double-check your work!
  • Have them figure out discounted prices when you see sales. For example, all shirts are 20 percent off today. This shirt is $35 at full price. What’s the sale price?

If math isn’t your best subject, that’s okay. The process of working out problems with your kids will make you better at math, too, and could give your brain a boost!