The media coverage of last fall’s swine flu (H1N1) influenza outbreak has waned, and now many families are hesitant to immunize their children against H1N1.  Public Health experts warn that H1N1 is likely to become a major circulating strain of flu for the next several years.  This conclusion is based on behavior of past flu strains in the 20th century.  Health officials expect another spike in swine flu cases within the next few months as seasonal flu begins to hit our community.  To date, as of January 11, 2010, H1N1 flu has led to 1309 hospitalizations and 65 deaths in Oregon.  H1N1 vaccine is available at the Lane County Public Health by appointment.  All children regardless of health status are at high risk and are recommended to be immunized.  The exception would be children with documented H1N1 infection earlier this season.