Questions from my patientsFor whatever reason, my hair is a frequent subject of questions from my young patients. Here is a collection of some of the questions I have fielded about my hair, along with my honest answers. Most of these questions were asked by 5 and 6-year-olds, whom I love for their openness and direct approach.

Q: Who does your hair in the morning?
A:  I do my own hair in the morning.

Q: Do you cut your own hair? The only time my hair was that short was when I cut it with my school scissors.
A:  Once when I was a kid, I did use my school scissors to cut my hair, but I don’t do that anymore. (My hair stylist is Helen Wegener at Willow Hair Salon and she is truly amazing. She’s from Australia, and worked in Los Angeles before moving to Eugene with her family. I would honestly travel a thousand miles for her scalp massage. She is funny, talented and kind, and she functions both as my hair stylist and therapist.)

Q: Why is your hair so yellow?
A:  Because yellow is the color of the sun…and if it weren’t, my hair would be totally gray. And I was blonde as a kid, so I figure it makes sense.

Q: Why do you have boy hair?
A:  Okay, now this question bothered me a teeny bit because one of Dr. Romanoski’s patients asked it, and Dr. R has even SHORTER hair than I do. So, I dragged Dr. R into a room and asked this little kid which of us looked more like a boy. Somehow, even though my hair is longer and I am three inches shorter than Dr. Romanoski, I apparently look more boyish to a 5-year-old. Not fair.

Q:  How do you make your hair all swoopy like a tidal wave?
A:  Product. Lots of product. (Pureology Root Lift, Privé Detailing Pomade, and a good dose of Kevin Murphy hairspray) My husband jokes that my head is probably flammable—a thought I don’t like to consider after watching Michael Jackson’s hair catch on fire in his music video years ago.