mothers-day-2015Mothers are truly inspiring. At Eugene Pediatrics, we see moms every day who inspire us. Women who make us laugh and cry….and feel proud of our X chromosomes!

We see moms who:

  • bring their sick child to the doctor even when mom is way sicker than baby
  • valiantly give birth even when the perfect birth plan went to heck minutes into labor
  • look beautiful even when covered in urine, poo, and spit up
  • omnisciently save their mischievous toddler from accidental death 100 times a day
  • allow their husbands to feel heard even when they make unhelpful suggestions about breastfeeding after mom stayed up all night nursing a hungry newborn and dad slept through it all
  • act like it doesn’t hurt when their 13 year old says something mean about their mom to us in front of their mom
  • meet the needs of a bunch of kids simultaneously with grace and humor
  • teach us to be better parents and people ourselves

Thank you to all of our moms at this practice. We appreciate and admire you. We wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day!