bio-Jordan-BradshawEugene Pediatrics and Thrive Behavioral Health are excited to add a fantastic new member to our integrated team of primary care providers and behavioral specialists — Jordan Burbee, our new case manager. Welcome, Jordan!

But what is a case manager?

  • Someone who steps in when medically fragile children need help coordinating their care.
  • Someone who reaches out when children and families are touched by challenges such as drug addiction, domestic violence, mental health issues, homelessness and legal problems.
  • An advocate who helps families coordinate their care at Eugene Pediatrics, Thrive Behavioral Health, the school system and other community services.
  • A liaison with the Department of Human Services when our patients are being watched over by the state.
  • A professional who can assess the needs of a struggling family by visiting a home or school, and who can become part of the lives of family members as they find their bearings.
  • A friendly voice when parents need extra support.

And who is Jordan Burbee?

Jordan received a degree in Family and Human Services at the University of Oregon. She has subsequently worked for more than a decade with children and families at Jasper Mountain, Safe Center, Lane Education Service District and, most recently, DHS Child Welfare.

Jordan is a mother of two young children, and most importantly, she is a human being with a huge heart for taking care of others. When I met Jordan, I was struck immediately by her passion to help — to be a part of positive change for kids. She spoke of the importance of her work at DHS, and of her desire to become involved in a team of people seeking to prevent children from suffering.

Data suggests that a large percentage of adult illness is directly related to social problems, many of which have their roots in childhood. At Eugene Pediatrics and Thrive, we seek to intervene when children are young — to break cycles of need that often are passed from one generation to the next. In this way, we hope to take care of the whole child. A caring and effective case manager is a key part of our effort.

If your child is medically fragile or your family is struggling with social concerns, please call Jordan Burbee directly at 541-214-2064, talk to your pediatrician at Eugene Pediatrics or discuss your concerns with your child psychologist at Thrive Behavioral Health.