We hear a lot about “health care reform,” but let’s talk about what this means for us – and, more importantly, for you.

We’re proud to announce that Eugene Pediatric Associates was recently recognized by the Oregon Health Authority as a top-tier clinic for providing “patient-centered care.” A component of Oregon’s health care reform efforts, the state awarded us Tier 3 recognition, the highest level, as part of the “Patient-Centered Primary Care Home” program.

That’s a mouthful. But here’s what it means:

The traditional health care system treats illness instead of preventing it. In other words, it pays doctors for treatments, rather than for encouraging wellness. The Patient-Centered Primary Care Home concept (sometimes called a “medical home” concept) is a way of delivering health care that turns the old model upside-down.

It puts the patient at the center of a team of health care practitioners who communicate with each other to provide the best possible care. Eugene Pediatric Associates is your child’s “home” for primary care and preventative care.

The Primary Care Home concept focuses more on prevention and wellness. For patients with chronic conditions – such as the many children we see who have asthma – it emphasizes education and managing the illness in addition to treating it.

By providing patients and their families both education and care, this model presumes there will be fewer hospitalizations and trips to the emergency room. Not only does this save you money. Over time, it reduces costs throughout the health care system.

To be recognized as part of the state’s Primary Care Home program we had to show that we met the highest standards in these areas:

  • We are accessible: That is, you can get care when you need it.
  • We are accountable: We take responsibility for our community and our patients, making sure they get the best care we can offer.
  • We are comprehensive: You get all the care, information and services you need to keep your children healthy.
  • We provide continuity: We develop a relationship with you over time and continually help you learn about your child’s development and health.
  • We coordinate for you: We help you navigate the health care system so your child gets the care he or she needs in a safe, timely manner.
  • We are family and patient-centered: We put you and your family first. You are the most important part of your health care team. We communicate readily and in a way that everyone can understand.

We are pleased that the state of Oregon is moving toward this kind of thoughtful, compassionate care. In the short run, it means better health for you and your family. In the long run, it means our entire health care system is stronger.

From our family to yours, thanks for choosing Eugene Pediatric Associates.