The video story of Eugene PediatricsPediatrics isn’t what I do, it’s who I am. That assertion has been true since my earliest days in medical training. It’s even truer now after nearly 20 years in pediatric practice. And my experiences as a mother have only reinforced my simple philosophy of medical care-giving: I take care of each child as if he or she was my own.

Being a physician, and especially a pediatrician, is an incredible gift. People willingly invite me and my partners at Eugene Pediatric Associates to participate in some of the most intimate and important moments of their lives. I’ve seen so many beautiful babies born, and I am always stunned by the miracle of birth and inspired by the thought of each child making a great contribution to this world.

I am also humbled by the too many parents who I’ve held in my arms in their deepest moments of grief at the loss of their child, moments that have forever changed and shaped me as a person and physician.

And then there are the smiles and waves of little kids in my office saying, “Hello,” and the laughs shared with parents about the moments that define being a mom and dad. All of it is part of this pediatric practice; all of it is etched on my soul and gives deep meaning and passion to my life.

It is a rare opportunity for me to put into a video format some of this meaning of my work. When we were recently given that chance at Eugene Pediatrics, we jumped at it. The best part was getting to see so many beautiful kids running around and being precious. To reflect on what a wonderful job I have!