Almost every child becomes anxious at times, but when their anxiety becomes severe, frequent, or negatively impacts his life, or the family’s functioning, it is time to see us.

If anxious, your child may be:

  • Frightened frequently, panicked easily.
  • Have feelings of doom, impending harm.
  • Restless, agitated, irritable.
  • Sweating, breathing quickly, racing heart.
  • Nail-biting, thumb sucking, stuttering.
  • Avoiding others, certain situations.
  • Unable to attend school.
  • Unable to do her usual social activities.
  • Tearful, moody, sleeping poorly.
  • Suddenly having school problems.

Mental health for children

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Mental health for children

Many children suffer from one or more psychological problems at some point. These disorders can be brief and leave no lasting mark on your child, or they could have a tremendous negative impact on a child’s self-esteem, family relationships, friendships and school performance.