Circumcision care

Circumcised boys may be fussy the day of their circumcision. If your baby is upset, give him infant Tylenol. Watch for excessive bleeding (more than the size of a half-dollar in the diaper), pus, redness or worsening swelling. Call us immediately if you detect a problem.

Gomco care

The head, also called the glans, of the penis will be red and raw, and the edge of the skin where it was cut will be swollen for at least a week. A few days into healing, yellow plaques will appear on the glans. Do not remove them.

In addition, you should:

  • Unwrap the gauze a few hours after arriving home.
  • Apply Polysporin to the tip and the circumcised edge of the skin three times a day for one week.
  • Look at the head of the penis every day. Sometimes, the shaft of the penis becomes buried in the fat layer and the skin remaining on the penis wants to jump up and re-adhere to the glans. You can prevent this by gently pushing down near the penis to reveal the entire head, once a day.

Care of the uncircumcised penis

An uncircumcised penis requires no special care. The foreskin will remain adherent for months or years, so do not pull it back forcefully. Gently clean the penis whenever you bathe him.

Newborn care

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Circumcision Problems

Recent circumcision (removal of the male foreskin). Mainly circumcision of newborns.