Back to school with asthma

Be sure your child’s teacher, school nurse, and front office staff are aware of your child’s asthma diagnosis. Explain his symptoms to help them recognize an asthma attack early. Provide a rescue inhaler, spacer, and a written Asthma Action Plan. Help school staff understand how to use the medication properly. Also, be sure to provide them with our phone number (541-HUG-KIDS or 541-484-5437).

Many children with asthma are embarrassed by their symptoms and are afraid to tell someone at school when they start to feel tightness in their chest. Prior to the start of school each year, discuss with your child the importance of early recognition of an asthma attack and ways to communicate how they are feeling to school staff.


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Making a school plan for your child’s asthma

Does your school-aged child have asthma?  If so, now is the time to take steps to be sure the asthma is controlled as the school year gets rolling.