Some falls are inevitable as children learn to stand, walk, run and climb. But some common places children fall that can lead to fractures, head injuries and other emergencies include bar stools, changing tables, shopping carts, play equipment, unsecured infant seats (especially when left on counters), baby walkers and windows without proper guards. Be sure to use available straps and don’t leave your child on an elevated surface once they are rolling or lunging (age 4 months for many babies).


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Injury is the #1 cause of death in children and young adults in the US. Approximately 12,000 children 18 years and younger die each year from unintentional injuries. The top causes of fatal injuries are car-related accidents and drowning. The most common non-fatal injury is falls. Constant vigilance is required to protect young children, and parents of tweens and teens need to take special steps to keep this age group safe.