Developmental milestones (0-9 months)

Two weeks

  • Stays awake for a few minutes or more several times each day.
  • Grasps with hands when something is placed in her hand.
  • Grasps with toes when something brushes against the sole of her foot.
  • Startles easily with both arms extended when moved quickly or surprised by a loud sound.
  • Opens eyes, but crosses them frequently.
  • Seems comforted by your touch and voice.

Two months

  • Smiles in response to your face and voice.
  • Fixes her eyes on you for a moment, but prefers to look at simple black-and-white patterns.
  • Coos (makes sweet little “baby noises”) in addition to crying.
  • Hands and toes grasp well.
  • Startles, but less easily then before.

Four months

  • Moves head side to side.
  • Holds head steady in a sitting position.
  • Pushes up on her chest while lying on the floor.
  • Brings hands together.
  • Opens hands partly or completely.
  • Holds onto a toy that is placed in her hand.
  • Puts a toy up to her mouth.
  • Reaches with both arms.
  • Holds a bottle or breast during feeding.
  • Plays with her hands/fingers.
  • Coos.
  • Laughs and smiles.
  • Makes sounds when looking at things or people.
  • Tracks slow-moving object with her eyes.

Six months

  • Stands on both legs while you hold her hands.
  • Rolls at least one direction.
  • Sits momentarily (often leaning forward on her hands).
  • Reaches for and grabs a toy.
  • Holds a block with one hand.
  • Rakes at a small object with her hand.
  • Tracks objects by sight and sound.
  • Makes many vocal sounds.
  • Can differentiate the faces of loved ones and strangers.
  • Both eyes track together at all times.
  • No longer crosses eyes unless she’s looking at a near object.

Nine months

  • Sits unsupported for several minutes.
  • Rolls over in both directions.
  • Gets into a knee/hand crawling position.
  • Stands beside a low table or crib rail while holding on.
  • Uses her thumb to help pick up small things, called a “pincer” grasp.
  • Babbles sounds with consonants like “da” and “ba.”
  • Turns to see a sound.
  • Knows her name.

Growth and development

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Growth and development

Children grow and change quickly. Our goal is to help you understand how your child is measured and how she is doing compared to other infants or children her age.