Developmental milestones (12-24 months)

Twelve months (1 year)

  • Walks along a low table or couch while holding on.
  • Takes a few steps while holding you with one hand.
  • Has a fine pincer grasp (thumb meets index finger exactly).
  • Claps hands.
  • Points at something she wants.
  • Looks for an object that has fallen out of sight.
  • Follows a simple command – if she’s in the mood! (e.g. “Give it to me!” or “Come with me!”)

Eighteen months

  • Walks independently, falling infrequently unless trying to run.
  • Climbs on a low object like a chair or sofa.
  • Kicks a large ball.
  • Walks up stairs while holding a hand.
  • Uses the tip of a crayon to mark paper.
  • Turns pages in a board book alone.
  • Gets food to her mouth with a spoon with quite a bit falling on the floor.
  • Speaks a handful of words (5 to 10 words).
  • Understands many of your sentences and words.
  • Points to indicate her wants and needs.
  • Copies your activities (e.g. wiping up a spill or brushing hair).

Twenty-four months (2 years)

  • Runs fairly well, stopping without falling most times.
  • Walks downstairs while holding a hand.
  • Gets a spoon to her mouth without spilling much.
  • Uses a turning motion to turn knobs, wind-up toys, or put lids on.
  • Stacks several blocks.
  • Uses two-word phrases that may be hard for strangers to understand.
  • Pretend plays (e.g. rocks a doll to sleep).

Growth and development

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Growth and development

Children grow and change quickly. Our goal is to help you understand how your child is measured and how she is doing compared to other infants or children her age.