Developmental milestones (3-5 years)

Three years

  • Jumps with both feet off the floor.
  • Goes up and down stairs – be careful!
  • Points to her major body parts when you name them.
  • Knows both her first and last name.
  • Copies a circle with a crayon after seeing you make a circle first (your child’s circle may be messy but sort of looks like a circle).
  • Speaks in sentences 3 to 4 words long; most can be understood by a stranger.
  • Understands the idea of taking turns – although she may not like it!

Four years

  • Jumps well.
  • Balances on one foot for at least five seconds.
  • Climbs the ladder on a slide at the park and goes down the slide – if she’s not scared.
  • Catches a large ball with both arms.
  • Runs very fast.
  • Puts together a six-piece puzzle.
  • Uses child-safe scissors well.
  • Answers a simple question that requires some imagination. (“What do you like to do after dinner?” might be answered “Go to the park and play!”)
  • Has unlimited language and very clear pronunciation, easily understood by a stranger.
  • Follows multiple directions – if she’s in the mood! (e.g. “Go get your shoes on, then come put on your coat and we can go outside.”)
  • Knows at least five basic colors.
  • Plays dress up or other elaborate imagination games.
  • Counts to ten.

Five years

  • Hops on one foot.
  • Balances well on one foot for several seconds.
  • Traces a shape exactly.
  • Draws a simple person.
  • Recognizes a few numbers when they are presented in written form (e.g. knows that “2” is “two”).
  • Undresses or dresses independently.
  • Follows multiple directions accurately.

Growth and development

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Growth and development

Children grow and change quickly. Our goal is to help you understand how your child is measured and how she is doing compared to other infants or children her age.