In-home child care

Child care offered in a home setting may or may not be regulated by the State of Oregon. Those that are state-regulated are either “Registered” or “Certified.” Registered in-home providers normally care for 3-10 children, not including the provider’s own children. Certified in-home providers can accept up to 12 children. We encourage you to review the State of Oregon Employment Department Child Care Division to learn more.

Advantages may include:

  • One dedicated provider who knows your child well.
  • Fewer children and germs.
  • Reliable, flexible hours.
  • Stimulating, but homey environment.
  • Lower cost.

Disadvantages may include:

  • Panic when the provider is ill.
  • Exclusion when your child is ill.
  • Variability in quality, qualifications of applicants.
  • Finding a provider that meets your needs, expectations.

*It’s important to note that these pros and cons may not apply to the in-home care provider/setting you’re considering, so be sure to do your homework.

Child care

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Child care

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